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Who We Are

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Under the leadership of Dr. Keith Hollinger, Central Connecticut Orofacial Pain & Sleep Medicine consists of a team of doctors who specialize in helping patients overcome persistent sleep problems and chronic head, jaw, and neck.

Coming from a variety of disciplines including physical therapy, psychology, and dentistry, we’re able to provide the answers and solutions that patients need to restore their quality of life. Issues dealing with sleep and orofacial pain are largely misdiagnosed in this country, leading many to simply treat the symptoms while the root problem goes unchecked. Here, we know how to find the underlying cause of so many issues ranging from chronic headaches to sleep apnea, and then we can provide proven, non-invasive, and drug-free solutions.

Who are we? We’re the key to getting your life back. Our approach is suited for patients of all ages, and starting from your very first visit, we’ll put you on the road to living a life full of joy.

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dental exam room
dental exam room
dental exam room