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Migraines & Headaches - Glastonbury, CT

Chronic Orofacial Pain Addressed

Woman with migraine holding head in hands Every day, millions of Americans have to work through chronic migraines and headaches, and many of them simply do it by relying on a variety of medications, often prescribed by their doctor. Because these symptoms are extremely common, their root cause is often misdiagnosed, leaving many to simply treat the symptoms instead of directly addressing the problem.

If you’ve been from doctor to doctor and still haven’t found long-term relief from your headaches or migraines, then Central Connecticut Orofacial Pain & Sleep Medicine is ready to provide the true answer to your problem. Dr. Keith Hollinger is a head and neck specialist, and for these kinds of issues, he looks at a cause that is often overlooked: the jaw and teeth. Simply by getting the muscles and joints of your mouth working properly, he can easily help you overcome your persistent head pain.



Headaches, Migraines, & Your Jaw

How does your jaw and mouth relate to your headaches or migraines? Your body is one big interconnected system, so when one part experiences dysfunction, it’s often another that actually exhibits symptoms.

In the case of migraines and headaches, they can often stem from strained and stressed muscles in the jaw. When the muscles in the jaw are tense, this can easily spread into the head muscles, causing the discomfort you’re probably very familiar with. Simply treating the head pain does nothing to actually stop it. The only way to really address it is to solve the issues in the jaw, which is something our practice specializes in.

How We Can Help

Issues in the jaw that could lead to headaches and migraines typically involve a misalignment of the teeth relative to the jaw joint. When the teeth don’t come together in a way that allows the muscles and ligaments in the jaw to fully relax, this can lead to the muscle tension that we touched on above.

When you come to see us, the first thing we will do is look at your jaw and teeth. If you’re like most patients who have been to the doctor about this issue, this is likely something they haven’t done. For some, we’ve discovered that they actually have completely untreated arthritis in the joint! Others, we find that they are actually suffering from bruxism, or nighttime teeth grinding.

By treating any one of these issues directly, such as having a patient wear a small protective mouthpiece to bed, we can relieve the tension in the jaw, and by extension, the head. This approach is drug-free, has no side effects, and best of all, in most cases it’s able to deliver sustained relief for years to come.

We’ve used this method to great success with countless patients already, and most of them are amazed to find out that their “head problem” is actually a jaw issue.

Come See Us

Persistent headaches and migraines can put a big strain on your quality of life, and not knowing what is causing them can add even more stress. At Central Connecticut Orofacial Pain & Sleep Medicine, we’re able to provide the answers that most doctors can’t, and we do so every day.

If you’re ready to get rid of your headaches and migraines without the use of drugs or surgery, give us a call to schedule an appointment today.