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Two images split one with woman and one with man holding their heads At Central Connecticut Orofacial Pain & Sleep Medicine, we do just one thing: we solve problems that other doctors can’t. Dr. Keith Hollinger specializes in helping people overcome persistent sleep and head/neck problems using long-lasting, drug-free solutions that don’t just tackle the symptoms, but the root cause itself.

If you’re like many of our patients who are constantly exhausted and dealing with pain, you’ve likely already been to multiple doctors trying to figure out the problem, and their only answer was a prescription. Dr. Hollinger is one of the few doctors in the country who knows that these kinds of problems often stem from issues involving the jaw, teeth, and throat, and by treating them, he can provide a patient with long lasting relief.

If you’re ready to finally say goodbye to sleep issues or chronic head, neck, and jaw pain, then we’re ready to give you the answers you deserve.

Migraines & Chronic Headaches

Woman holding head in hands

It is estimated that nearly 40 million people in the U.S. suffer from migraines and chronic headaches, and most doctors overlook one of the most common causes when treating them: dysfunction in the jaw and teeth. Problems in this area of the head often lead to muscle tension that quickly spreads upward. Our team are experts when it comes to this relationship between the mouth and head pain, and this allows us to provide a true solution to the problem.

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Sleep Apnea Therapy

Man sleeping soundly in bed

Nearly 50% of all American adults are sleep deprived, and for many of them, the problem stems from the second most common sleep disorder in the world: sleep apnea. This condition can leave a person constantly exhausted and even raise their blood pressure to extremely dangerous levels. Fortunately, this condition is very treatable, and often, all it takes is a patient wearing a custom-made mouthpiece to bed each night to help them sleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed every morning.

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Snoring Therapy

Frustrated woman glaring at snoring man in bed

If you snore, or if you have a bed partner who does, you may think it’s just an annoyance that you have to deal with, a fact of life similar to traffic. It isn’t. Snoring in itself can easily rob people of the quality sleep they need to be fully awake during the day, and it may even indicate a serious issue with the airway, such as sleep apnea. Thankfully, like everything else we do, we can help you figure out not only what is causing snoring, but what you can do to stop it.

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TMJ/TMD Therapy

Woman holding jaw in pain

The small hinges that connect your jaw to your head are called the TMJ, and like other joints in the body, it can often develop problems due to stress, strain, injury, or arthritis. This can lead to all sorts of chronic symptoms, such as jaw pain, headaches, migraines, and even neck/shoulder pain. A misaligned TMJ is an often overlooked source of many persistent problems that most doctors miss, and treating it could be the key to getting the relief you need.

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Jaw & Neck Pain

Man in dental chair holding jaw

Did you know that having a slightly crooked bite or grinding your teeth could easily lead to a stiff, clicking jaw or even a sore neck? Dysfunction in the jaw and teeth can easily spread outward to your ears and neck, causing a variety of painful symptoms. If you’re ready to stop being tethered to pills or a hot pad, we’re ready to help you get the ultimate solution you’ve been looking for.

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Children’s Orofacial Therapy

Smiling child in dental chair

The oral development of children has a tremendous impact on their overall health and wellness. An underdeveloped jaw can easily cause a child to experience sleep apnea or sleep disordered breathing. While these conditions make adults tired, they cause children to become unfocused and hyperactive, leading many to be mistakenly diagnosed with ADHD. Using functional orthodontics, we can treat and even help children avoid these kinds of problems by guiding the development of their teeth and jaw, leading to a beautiful smile and healthy body at the same time.

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Invisalign® Clear Braces

invisalign clear retainers and case

Orthodontic treatment has come a long way in recent years. Gone are the days when the only way to straighten your teeth was metal braces. Now, with a modern option like Invisalign clear braces, we can comfortably, reliably, and invisibly straighten your smile and correct your bite, often in less time than it would take in traditional braces.

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